Thursday, August 31, 2006


Hello, all! The boys and I are having a blast! We have been going out to lunch with Grandma, Aunt Lyssie, and Reid, going to Starbucks (that should not surprise any of you!), visiting our friend, Bob, at Barnes and Noble, and hanging out at home and at Grandma's. Both boys are eating well, sleeping well, and becoming more and more alert. Riley continues to hold his own head up for short periods of time and Ross has started to visually track the toys hanging over his bouncy seat. We had another great doctor's appointment today! Riley gained another five ounces this week and is now 6lbs 8oz. Ross had an enormous growth spurt and gained 12 oz this week!! He now weighs 5lbs 7oz! Because of their excellent growth, the boys will not have any more appointments just for weight checks. They will see the pediatrician next on Sept. 20 for their regularly scheduled two month check up (and immunizations.....yikes!). Thanks for all of your visits, calls, and emails. I am trying to get back to all of you, but I seem to be a little busy these days!! Thanks for understanding!

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