Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Effect of Birthday Cake

I just had to post these quick pics of the boys enjoying some of my leftover birthday cake at home today.

Riley is attacking his cake with both a spoon AND a fork, for maximum delivery to his mouth.

Ross has already tried using a spoon, a fork, and his pacifier, He is now going full force with is fingers. His hairstyle is courtesy of about two tablespoons of icing that he has wiped into his hair!
I would like to send a special thanks to my amazing family and wonderful friends who helped to make my birthday so special! I love you guys!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ross said his own name! And Riley ate what?

I mentioned in the last post that Ross has been making huge progress with imitating sounds and words. Today, for the very first time, he said his own name! He isn't saying the "R" yet, so it sounds like "Ossi," but it is a huge accomplishment! I managed to capture it at the end of this video.

The start of this video is Riley trying to tell me what he is eating for dinner. For the record, he is eating carrot sticks. However, each time he says "sticks" it sounds like a word that starts with "S" that nice little boys don't say! It's hilarious! Of course, I had to keep asking him to say it over and over for my own entertainment. Then, I called my mom and my sister and made him tell them over the phone what he was eating so that they could laugh, too.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! The boys have begun 2009 by making some incredible progress, having fun, and being their usual amazing selves!

Ross has recently made huge leaps in his imitation of sounds and words, and has even said a few words spontaneously. He has also increased his interactions with all of us, which is so exciting! The other day as I was getting ready to leave for work, he came running over to me, said "mmmmwwah" and gave me a kiss. Then, he waved and said "bye." That was the first time he had ever given me a kiss, and it meant the world to me. I left for work with tears of happiness in my eyes. Isn't he incredible?

Riley's language skills are continuing to blossom. His name has been a bit tough for him to pronounce and he has said "Lee-lee" for a while now. The other day when I came home from work, he was suddenly was able to say Riley perfectly clearly! It seems like he learns 5 new words every day. He is also combining words more often and now uses 4 word sentences much more frequently. Riley is loving and cuddly, and his favorite question to ask is whether or not today is going to be a "Mommy day." He's amazing!

The best new progress, though, is how well the boys are playing together! They are chasing each other around the house, dancing together to the music on their favorite TV shows, and yesterday, they even made up a game where they were grabbing each other's noses and giggling like crazy. It is pure joy for me to watch them together. One night, after I put them to bed, I listened to them blow each other kisses back and forth in their cribs for about ten minutes. It was the most adorable thing. Riley kept calling "Rossi, mmmwwah" and then Ross was saying "Mmmwaah" right back at him. Then, Ross would clap and cheer. I loved it!

Today was a "Mommy Day, as Riley would say, and the boys and I had a fantastic time together. We started off with a special breakfast. I found this recipe on Rachael Ray's site and thought it was adorable! I made a couple of changes (raisins for the eyes and nose instead of chocolate chips and apple slices instead of a fruit roll up for the tongue) and served it to the boys for breakfast this morning! They loved it!

Poodle Pancakes! Riley was barking throughout breakfast! Ross ate every bite of his and then stole Riley's apple!

Then, we played all morning! In the afternoon, we went to the the Recreation Station to play. This was our first time visiting this playspace and the boys had a blast! Ross' TSS, Melissa, came with us, and was a huge help!

Ross LOVED the foam mat with the letters and numbers! He was able to repeat the name of every single letter! He even knew some of the letters before Melissa said them.

Riley asked a little girl for her ballon and she gave it to him! What a flirt!

Ross looking so happy with his letters!

Ross also knows all of his numbers......he put these here in order!

Riley had fun in the art room!

....and enjoyed going for a drive...

.....and loved shooting hoops.

This huge train is in the middle of the main room.

This is the inside of the train!

Riley is going to be a great Dad someday! He loves to take dolls for walks in strollers. Ross was still having fun with the letters! Look at all the great toys inside the train!

There is a sensory room which Ross also loved! He is playing with the fiber optic curtain in this picture.
Ross has always loved vestibular swings. This is a picture of him in the swing, smiling and happy, but the flash from my camera made him close his eyes.
That's what's new with the Twincredible Twosome! Please leave us a comment and let us know what is going on with you so far in 2009! Thanks for checking in with us!