Sunday, July 25, 2010

Even more partying......

Today the Twincredible Twosome had their "real" birthday party with all of our family and friends!  We had a cooking and playing party.   First, the kids decorated their own chef's aprons, and then they made little pizzas, salad on a stick, and fruit scultpures with toothpicks.  Then,  I had planned to have all of the kids play in a wonderful enclosed, totally safe playground, so the parents could all relax and the kids could have a great time.   However, it rained all throughout most of the day and all of the playground equipment was wet and super slippery and dangerous.   So, we ended up having to play inside which wasn't as much fun, but I still hope that everyone had a good time!

Of course, we took lots of pictures!

Before the party even began, Riley grabbed a bagel and started enjoying himself!!

Ross was VERY serious about decorating his apron.  If you look closely, you will see that he has written 1-2-3-4-5 on it, and drew some monsters!!  He also wrote his name on the top of it.  Riley decorated his in about 22 seconds, declared it "all done," and went back to eating that bagel.
Twin pizza chefs...
Singing some songs while we wait for our pizza to cook.
It looks like everyone still had fun playing inside.

This cake was really cool.....half was decorated with musical notes for Ross and half was Thomas the Train for Riley!

This picture absolutely illustrates my boys' personalities perfectly.  We were singing "Happy Birthday" and Ross was lit up, smiling and excited about the music.  Riley was intently planning the most effective approach to blowing out the candles.   He's always thinking ahead.

Maybe it's a twin mom thing....but I can't get enough of seeing them blow out those candles together. 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday!!!!

Ross and Riley are 4 years old!    They had a wonderful birthday and our thoroughly enjoying the excitement!    This was the first year that they actually asked for some specific gifts.  The expressions on their faces and their excitement when they opened up something that they had requested was just so much fun!   

  Ross is still totally into everything musical and all musical instruments, and now he is also really interested in orchestras and conductors.  So, one of his gifts was a real conductor's baton, which he was thrilled about:

Both boys asked for "Pillow Pets" and have been reciting the TV commercials that they have seen advertising them for the past month or so.  They love them already!

The entire day was filled with smiles and two beautiful happy boys! 

Ross in his new "Silly Scary Monster" Costume

Riley with his fire-breathing dinosaur

Ross loves his Pillow Pet!!

Bongo Drums!!!!

Riley checking out his new cement mixer

Rememember the piano in the movie Big?

And now.....for the most fun!!!  Aunt Lyssie gave the boys a super cool microphone so that they can be the rock stars that they are.  There is a button to push on the bottom that makes it sound like people are applauding for your performance!  Check out these 3 super short videos of my rock stars!! 

Ross rockin' out!
Riley shakin' his booty
The Twincredible Twosome singing a duet of "Kiss and A Hug" by Kelsey Friday and The Rest of The Week

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Let the Festivities Begin....

Even though their actual birthday isn't until Wednesday, the Twincredible Twosome began their celebration a little bit early this weekend with their first gifts.   I got really lucky and found two Cozy Coupe cars on Craigslist for a great price.  My most wonderful friend, "The Crazy B Lady" went to pick them up for me since she has a van, and brought them over on Saturday morning.  Here is a picture of the boys' faces as they got their first glimpse of the cars...

They have spent most of our free time this weekend in their cars.  They have already figured out that it's way too hard to drive on grass and not safe to drive down our super steep driveway.  They have learned that the sidewalk in front of our house looks level, but actually slopes in one direction, so they make me push them when they are "driving" that way and then they coast the other way. 

Riley has been driving the car that looks like a police car and he keeps trying to stop people who are driving "too fast" so he can give them a ticket.  He can't figure out why people won't stop and listen to him.  It's hilarious! 

They love them! 
I hope that the rest of their birthday celebration is just as much fun!! 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Crazy Lazy Days of Summer

The boys and I have been enjoying every second of our summer vacation.  Somehow, we have managed to strike just the right balance of jam packed full of fun and lazing around enjoying our new house.  Our first leg of actual vacation with no schedule is coming to an end tomorrow.  On Monday, the boys start day camp and I start back at work for summer school.   I think the boys are going to love camp, and my summer program is a shorter day with a laid back schedule, so we will still have lots of fun ahead! 

Here are a few pictures from the past couple of weeks:

This is how the boys watch TV together.....brotherly love.

Seriously.....they just lie there like that and watch TV.

Ross is a pirate, and Riley is just silly.