Friday, August 7, 2009

Funny Faces and a Song

The Twincredible Twosome and I are continuing to enjoy our summer vacation! They did a wonderful job at "preschool" which was actually just a brief introduction to get them ready for their real preschool which begins in September. Although all three of us struggled a bit with separation at first, they quickly adjusted and had fun. The biggest challenge became getting them to let go of one another, literally, and finding ways for them to stop holding hands! Even though it is adorable, it is a bit tough to play on the playground, do art activities, and eat a snack while holding onto your brother's hand. The staff was great about finding ways to help them separate from each other for brief periods of time, but they understood that the boys have rarely been apart from each other and are each other's security.

Lately, the boys have been experimenting with making funny faces and tonight I managed to capture some of them, just because they look so cute!



Finally, I have been meaning to capture Riley singing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" on video for a while now. I tried to get Ross singing one of his many, many wonderful songs but he was not in the mood to sing on camera this evening. He did, however, make lots of monkey noises in the background while Riley was singing. Turn up your sound!