Friday, August 18, 2006

Getting closer and closer...

Hi, everyone! Ross has moved into an open crib and so far, he is doing a great job of keeping himself warm! Riley had a great weight gain last night and is now 5lbs 7oz! He was also measured and is 18 inches long, which is not a big change from last week, but that's ok because he has gained so much weight. Ross lost a tiny bit of weight yesterday, probably because he was moved to an open crib and had to use so many calories to keep himself warm. However, he was also measured and is now 17 1/2 inches long which is a big jump! The doctors are considering changing him to a higher calorie formula to boost his weight gain. It looks like we will be moving to the Pediatric Unit tomorrow, which is a big step! I will be able to stay with the boys and sleep in their room, so we can start to prepare for coming home!

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