Thursday, August 24, 2006

Life really begins

We are having so much fun!! I am in seventh heaven with these two amazing little people, finally home and healthy. Our first night, both boys did wonderfully, sleeping well and waking up for feedings every 4 hours. I actually got a couple of hours of sleep, too, which was surprising. However, last night, Riley was wide awake and wanted company, so no sleep for me! Today, we had our first check up at the pediatrician and got some exciting news! I have been going through scale all know that weigh in time was the highlight of my day in the NICU and I couldn't wait to see how the boys had done since we've been home. But......both boys had fabulous weight gains! Ross gained back the ounce he had lost right before we left the hospital, plus two more and is now at 4lbs 11oz! Riley stunned us with a 7oz gain in two days and is now 6lbs 3oz! His preemie clothes are actually getting snug on him! Since the boys have been home, we have had so many wonderful moments. Yesterday, we went over to my mom's house for a family dinner and it was so wonderful to see the boys with their Grandma, Uncle Seth, Cousin, Reid, Aunt Lyssie and Uncle Marc! Peppe (our dog) finally got to meet the babies and was wonderful with them! Then, when we came home, I put them together in the bassinet for a few minutes and they immediately rolled toward each other, wrapped their legs together, and held hands. (Yes, of course I snapped some pics and I will post them soon!) In the meantime, I am posting some pics from our last few days in the hospital and will post the most recent ones as soon as I can. Thanks for all of your phone calls and messages!

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