Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm back

Hi, everyone! I am being discharged from the hospital today and am feeling much better. My pancreatitis is all gone and my gall bladder has been removed. I certainly didn't want to spend 6 days in the hospital, but at least I knew the boys were safe and well cared for while I recovered. I was also happy to be able to walk down to the NICU several times each day to visit with them while I was in the hospital. A very special thank you to my sister for posting and letting everyone know why I was out of touch for a few days. The boys are doing well! They have each gained some weight since I last posted and here are their current weights: Ross is at 4lbs 2.7oz and Riley is at 5lbs 2.7oz. Riley actually hasn't gained in the past couple of days, so he is going to get formula with some extra calories to see if we can boost his weight gain. Also, he is a little anemic, but the doctors ran some tests and determined that he is making new red blood cells at a good rate and should be just fine. Both boys are now on "demand" feeding which means that they can eat whenever they are hungry (although they are not allowed to go longer than 4 hours without eating) and can eat as much as they want. Ross and Riley are each eating close to 2 1/2 oz at each feeding! That's very similar to what full term newborns eat, which is so exciting! Finally, both boys are still having a few brady's (heart rate drops), which is still expected for preemies at their age. However, that means that neither kiddo is quite ready to come home yet, since they have to go 7 days without a brady before being discharged. So, that's the update! Thanks for checking and caring so much about the boys! -Melissa