Monday, November 3, 2008

A Tale of Two Haircuts

Once upon a time, two very cool dudes wore their brand new shades on a ride in the car to get their hair cut.

One of the very cool dudes watched as they other one got his hair cut first. His name was Ross and he sat with his Gigi and thought that it didn't really look like Riley was having very much fun at all.

Riley totally disagreed with Ross and loved getting his hair cut. He smiled and laughed and posed for pictures the whole time.

After a few mintues, Ross had enough of watching Riley, and decided to check out the cabinets to see what he could find. He found a very fun shampoo bottle to play with.

When Riley was finished, he checked himself out in the mirror and decided he liked what he saw.

Then, it was Ross' turn. Ross appeared to be a little shocked and surprised at this news. His face sort of said "You want me to do what?" He agreed, though, as long as he could hold his shampoo bottle, not wear a cape, and be held by his Mommy instead of sitting in the chair on his own. He is a good negotiator for a little guy who doesn't talk yet.
There aren't any pictures of Ross actually getting his hair cut, because he and Mommy were cuddling the whole time. When he was all finished, though, he helped brush the stray hairs off of himself, while Riley continued to admire his new look in the mirror behind him.

Then, for their grand finale, the two very cool dudes impressed everyone in the salon as Ross sang a solo into his "microphone" while Riley made Gigi run in circles around the salon chasing him until Mommy finished paying at the front desk.


Annie said...

Handsome boys. They look great with the new hair cut.


mom2twinboys said...

What handsome little boys. Nice haircuts boys!

erin said...

Thanks for keeping me on track! I pulled a winner.

And, haircuts are such a chore here! I cant believe you managed to get pics of TWO! Such cuties!

Cybill said...


Erin Tales said...

You were tagged!

Jodi said...

Adorable little boys. I enjoyed checking out your website. I am actually not sure if the Blue Jeans for Babies is done nationally or not. I will contact our local division director to see if she can help you out. I would also check with your local chapter:

I don't see it listed there on the events. You may check to see if that is something that could be added. I liked the idea because people could just donate $5 (with the economy the way it is) and still raise money and have fun. Our division director is Jill Bosley at I will email her, but you could as well to see how to get it started.

So glad to have met you!!


Jacolyn said...

Love the haircuts! Those are 2 very handsome young men!