Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tagged (again!)

I have been tagged (again!) by the lovely Erin at The Mom Buzz. If you have been reading for a while, you know that I was tagged a few months ago by Krista over at The Galli-Ringo Family. So, now I have the difficult task of coming up with 8 new and exciting things to share with all of you about myself that I haven't shared already. Yikes! I am just not that interesting.

The fun part is that after I divulge all of this top secret info about myself, then I get to choose 8 more fabulous bloggers "tag" to keep the game going. Hmmmm... who shall I chose????

Ok...so here goes:

1. I am a Carmex Mint Click Stick fiend. I keep one in my purse, one in my desk at work, one in my diaper bag, one on my nightstand, one in the kitchen, and at least 5 new ones stockpiled on my dresser at all times in case I run out. Target recently stopped selling these and I am a little bit panicked.

2. My cell phone ringer is "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me" by Billy Joel.

3. I am a Starbucks Coffee addict. I know I said that the last time I was tagged, but it is an integral part of my personality and it bears repeating. I was recently invited to become a Starbucks Gold Card member!

4. I cannot stand mayonnaise or ranch dressing. I hate the way ranch dressing smells and the way mayonnaise sounds. Yes, sounds. I hate the noise it makes when you put a knife in it. Ewww.

5. I love Post-It Flags. 'Nuff said.

6. Over the past year, I have stopped buying books. I have joined the Paperback Book Swap and have gotten TONS of books for free! For every book I mail to another member, I get a credit for a free book. I can choose from over a million titles, request the one I want, and another member sends it to me for free. All I have to pay for is postage (around $2.00) to mail the books I send out. The books I request are sent to me totally free. If you are a reader, you should check it out!

7. Sometimes I accidentally forget that I have a kid's music CD in the player in my car and listen to it almost all the way in to work in the mornings before I switch to "real" music.

8. I teach in a school that has floors that are numbered upside down. You come in on Level 6 and then go up to Level 1. Weird, huh?

And now for the next 8 bloggers to be tagged:

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3. Stephanie at 23 week twins

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Ohana Mama said...

Mahalo for the tag! I've gotta get on returning the favor to others - maybe this weekend. MAHALO!!

Jacolyn said...

Hi! Thanks for the tag...I'll get to it soon. Can I just copy yours over because...1) we share an addiction to Starbucks and when the one near my hour closes I'll go crazy (supposed to be soon), 2) I find myself listening to kids music as well when I'm alone...and SINGING ALONG, promptly turning it off and glad that noone is in the car to hear me and 3) I need to hear more about this book club exchange. I am a veracious reader!

Jacolyn said...

oh and post-it-notes are pretty fun. I live by them, lose them and sometimes can't remember what I meant by the note I wrote on them.

erin said...

Okay, that fact about the school is WEIRD. LOL.

mom2twinboys said...

thanks for the tag! Finally got it done between school and sick kids.


erin said...

Thanks for reading my tag. And so true!

Tina said...

You won the TrueSoaps giveaway!!! Congrats!