Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thing One and Thing Two and Riley's Big News

Hi, everyone! The boys have been doing so many new and exciting things! I have been meaning to post for a few days, but we've been so busy that I just haven't had time. I just posted several new pics from the past couple of weeks, including some Halloween pictures. The boys dressed as "Thing One" and "Thing Two" from "The Cat in the Hat." My most adorable nephew was a Dragonfly, and I had to include a pic of him because he looked so gorgeous!

The most exciting announcement of the week is that Riley has started to take some steps holding onto a walker! He has been working very hard in physical therapy and it is paying off! Here is a very short video (37 seconds) of his first attempt!

Both boys will be getting their DAFO's (leg braces) on November 12th and I am sure they will really take off with the added stability. I have a hunch we may have some independent walkers very soon!

Thanks for checking in with us! I hope you all had a great Halloween!

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