Saturday, November 17, 2007


Welcome to Twincredible Twosome! This is a new blog where I can continue to share news and photos of the boys with everyone. I decided to close the Carepage website because it is time to move on. The Carepage was a wonderful way for me to get info out to everyone while the boys were in the NICU. All of your comments and heartfelt messages made the days a little easier, knowing that so many people were sending love, support, and prayers as the boys grew strong enough to come home.
Then, after the boys came home, so many of you wanted to know how they were doing, how big they were getting, and what they were up to. Also, lots of you asked me to post as many pics as I could, so the Carepage was a great way to share those. However, Carepages are really meant for families who are dealing a health crisis (premature birth, illness, etc.) and I feel like we're so far past that part of the boys ' lives. I am deeply grateful that they are healthy and strong, and I just want to focus on all of the "twincredible" things they are doing now.
I am doing my best to transition to the new site without losing any of the info on the Carepage. I really want the boys to be able to see it all when they are older! I copied all of the posts from the Carepage and archived them on this site. I also archived all of the messages on the message board. Finally, I created a group in my email so I can send out email notifications (just like the Carepage did automatically) when I post and/or add new pictures. There are also some fun, new things to check out, like the photo slideshow and the poll at the bottom.

So, please stop by and check on the boys whenever you'd like! I will post as often as I can, and share as many pics as possible. If you don't want me to send the notifcation emails to you, just reply and let me know and I will be happy to take you off the list.
Thanks for caring so much about the boys!


ann and eric rascoce said...

Wonderful to be connected again. Wow! what amazing boys, what a happy mom! Love that smile and glow while you are holding them. They are handsome, smiley and making such good progress. We are in Fla now, so need to see them via slideshow. Keep the pictures and comments coming. Love to all,
Ann and Eric Rascoe

dkukic said...

Keep me on the list. I enjoy every minute of seeing and reading about the boys.Thanks for sharing!!!I love the big picture on the blue chair. They are so handsome.