Wednesday, February 7, 2007

More videos

Hi, all! I hope you all stayed warm during that frigid weather. School was cancelled on Monday and Tuesday, so the boys and I enjoyed our two bonus days at home. Riley is rolling all over the place and laughing as he goes. Ross had made great improvements in lifting his head while on his tummy, and he has started to try to crawl. He isn't quite up on all fours, but he is moving! Both boys are so much fun right now and are interacting with each other more and more each day. I have posted some new pics, so please take a look! I took a few more videos, but they aren't as funny as the other ones were. There is a pretty cute moment toward the end of the first one. I did try to get one of Riley actually rolling, but I missed it! I'll keep trying. Anyway, if you are interested, here are the URL's to cut and paste:
The boys playing. This is long but funny towards the end:
Just a short clip of the boys playing:
Thanks for checking in with us!

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