Tuesday, July 25, 2006

More good news

More good news! The boys continue to make amazing progress! Ross is now getting over half of his nourishment with tube feedings and is quickly reducing his dependence on IV supplements. Riley has also started tube feedings and is doing beautifully with them! Both boys are now able to use a pacifier, which is an important step in learning to suck and to eat. Riley is also making great gains in his breathing and steadily decreasing his need for oxygen support. Both babies are becoming more and more alert and interactive, making eye contact and crying when they are hungry or want attention. It's amazing to see how quickly they are learning and growing! On a silly note, both boys have met the important milestone of peeing all over a freshly made bed! The NICU nurses have been so amazing with helping me to learn about the boys' care and allowing me to hold them as often as I can. Last night, I got to spend some time with each boy, cuddling and singing. It was a bittersweet time, because when I hold them, time stands still and there is nothing in the world that could make me happier. And yet, I was discharged from the hospital yesterday and it was terribly hard to go home without them. However, I will be with them every day, and I am so grateful that I live close enough to be able to visit as often as I'd like. Thanks so much for your wonderful emails, phone calls, and messages on the message board! Your support means so much to me, my family, and the babies!

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