Friday, September 3, 2010

They loved it!!

The boys loved their first day!

  Ross walked in to the classroom this morning which was super crowded (20 kids, all of their parents, teachers, therapists, assorted extra staff....really crowded!) and announced, "Hi, everyone!  Hello, everyone!  Welcome to the Ross and Riley Show!  I am so glad that you all came today!"  It was hilarious and pure Ross.   He is the embodiement of "all the world's a stage." 

Riley promptly got out all of the toy trains and cars, and arranged them all right in the doorway where everyone was trying to walk.  I was happy to see that they were both so relaxed and feeling comfortable and had to laugh.

They came home happy and tired, which is perfect for a first day of school!   I am feeling really good about the classroom and hopeful that it is going to be a great year!

Excited about our first day!
Ready to leave for school!
At our new school!


Anonymous said...

Hooray for a a great first day!...happy, peaceful boys who know how to find the fun in life! Their Mom does such a good job helping them navigate life's many adventures! Love to you all and a super Labor Day weekend! See you next week Meliss!

Anonymous said...

I can still remember this day! :-) You truly have two amazing boys and I am honored to be their teacher. Can you believe that as I write this, it is March 8 and we only have about 3 months of school left?!