Thursday, September 2, 2010

The day before the First Day of School

Tomorrow is the boys' first day of school, so tonight we had a Back to School party!  They each decorated a "party hat" and wore it during dinner and then had ice cream afterwards!  I had planned to do something more exciting and elaborate, but it was my first day with students and I got home late from work and barely even had time to get that together.  It was still a little fun and silly way to get them excited about going to school tomorrow and it worked!  Ross spent the rest of the evening talking about circle time and school and Riley was trying to decide if he was going to tell me everything fun when he gets home tomorrow or make me guess what happened.

I hope they have a wonderful day!



Anonymous said...

That sounds super. I'm sure they will have a grand day tomorrow.


Laraf123 said...

Oh, he'll tell you what happened--he won't be able to keep all the fun to himself! Best Wishes to the boys for a great year!

Peek said...

I'm sure the boys will have a fantastic year. I hope their teacher is ready! :)