Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our First Time Playing in the Snow!!

For the past couple of winters, it has been enough of a challenge just maneuvering the two boys in and out of the car safely, let alone trying to figure out how to let them actually play in the snow. Neither of them were walking well enough, or with sufficient balance to handle slippery, uneven surfaces, and the whole activity seemed overwhelming and dangerous. This year, though, the boys are totally ready! Today was our first real snowfall and after making an emergency run to buy boots (talk about UNprepared!), the boys enjoyed their first taste of playing in the snow. We spent most of the day running errands and just played outside for a few minutes right before coming in for dinner, so these photos were taken at dusk.

Then, we came inside and Riley suggested that since it was already getting dark, we should just get into our jammies for the night and have a pajama party! Sounded like a great idea to me! So, we had a nice evening, all cuddled in warm jammies, relaxing before bedtime.


bregrasc said...

We LOVE to see the boys, in snow or indoors, exploring the world, enjoying each other, and showing us their joy in life itself.
Thank you for sharing them via photos. May the new year bring continued pleasures, growth in every area and fulfillment of your fondest dreams.
Ann and Eric

Anonymous said...

This is so exciting. I would have lobed to have been there. I can just hear you 3 laughing, then relaxing in jammies. Way to go.

Happy New year too!Love, Susan

Laraf123 said...

Oh, what fun! Sometimes, the best times I have with my boys are the unscheduled things that we embrace when the opportunity (or weather) presents itself. Thanks for sharing! (Great suggestion afterwards, Riley!)

lin said...