Thursday, December 31, 2009

Cosmic Bowling!

We all went Cosmic Bowling yesterday and the Twincredible Twosome and Reid all loved it!!  We were all amazed at how well they took turns, and how much fun they had!  Of course, we had bumpers along our lane, and we used a ramp to help the kiddos roll the ball, but they all figured it out right away.  Ross thought he was at a disco and danced in the lights whenever it wasn't his turn, and Riley appointed himself the manager and tried to lift and carry the ball for everyone whether it was his turn or not. 

Riley taking his turn, and Ross dancing in the lights.

Ross taking his turn, and Riley overseeing his "brudder".

Gorgeous Reid taking his turn.

Bowling and dancing can wipe you out!  Ross is exhausted.

Riley insisted on carrying the ball for himself and Ross, and wore himself out!

Reid relaxing with some water after a hard game of bowling!

It really was a lot of fun!  Riley talked about it for the rest of the day, and I think listening to him and his new vocabulary was almost as much fun:

Riley:  Mommy, we went "balling" today!  It was so much fun!
Me: I know, Ry!  It was fun!  What was your favorite part?
Riley:  Knocking down all of those "pens" with that heavy ball.  My arms are tired.
Me:  You are so strong!  What else did you like?
Riley:  I like watching the ball come back to me in the little tunnel.  Why it do that?
Me:  The balls come back so we can all keep bowling!  What else was fun?
Riley: I found a little hairdryer when I was waiting for the ball to come back.  I put it under my shirt to blow on my chest.  That was nice. 
Me: Oh.....(He loved the fan on the ball return, and he also loves hair dryers....go figure!)

Happy New Year!   Ross, Riley and I wish you all a year filled with love, peace, health, and happiness!!


Cindy Glew said...

SWEET!!! LOVE IT!!! Happy New Year my friend!!! Love, Cindy ;)

Connie said...

So Cute!! Melissa, It's looks as if the boys had a blast!! I wish you and the boys a Happy New Year!! Luv, Connie & Alaysha

BusyLizzyMom said...

I have been trying to find activities to keep my daughter active in the cold weather so we tried bowling as well. We had so much fun; the lights, the music and somewhere new was perfect for ELizabeth. I love the bumpers I am pretty sure my score is increased with their use.
I think we will have many more bowling trips this winter.

James Hudson said...

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Ellen said...

Hello to the beautiful boys from Max!

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