Sunday, April 12, 2009

New pics to enjoy

The boys and I are finishing up our spring break, and I am headed back to work tomorrow. This vacation wasn't anywhere near as much fun as I has hoped, because Ross and I both had strep throat and I had some other unexpected doctor's appointments that ate up most of the week. Thank goodness Katie was willing and able to come bail us out, so I could take care of the doctor stuff and know that the boys were in good hands!
We did manage to pack lots of fun into the last couple of days when we were all feeling better!
Last night, I took the boys to Bruster's for ice cream, which Ross has always refused to eat in the past. (He has some very specific sensory issues/preferences around foods.) This time, he very carefully touched it to his lips several times, then touched it to his tongue, then took a big lick, and then proudly announced, "'s good!" He then proceeded to eat almost the whole kid sized scoop of chocolate oreo ice cream, dividing it equally between what actually went into his mouth and what was smeared all over his face, his shirt, his hair, his ears, etc. It was so much fun to watch him explore a new "sensory" activity, and be a totally typical toddler covering himself in chocolate ice cream! I didn't have my camera with me, so you will just have to trust me that it was adorable!
Riley ate most of his scoop of cherry vanilla very neatly, wiping his face and fingers between each bite with a napkin. He also continually begged me to wipe Ross off and was flabbergasted that I was allowing Ross to sit there covered in ice cream. "Wipe Rossi, Mommy. He's sooooo dirty! Wipe him!" was pretty much the conversation from his side of the table. What can I say? Riley likes to be clean!
Today, we went out to brunch with our family and then over to Reid's house to play. It was so nice to be able to spend time relaxing with everyone together. Here are some pictures from today:
Our family!
Mommy and the boys.....and sunglasses!

"Mimi is so soft!" according to Riley.

Cousins on a couch

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Leia said...

awww...the boys are getting so big...and so handsome as always