Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another post of pictures....

Today was "Take Your Child to Work Day," so I brought the boys in to visit my classroom for a couple of hours this afternoon. They both decided that "typing" on the computer and spinning on Mommy's chair was the most fun part of school!

They also had a great time climbing on the play equipment outside of the preschool classrooms down the hall. Riley was still talking about "driving the bus" as he fell asleep tonight at bedtime. In this picture, though, Ross actually got a turn to drive!

In other news.....Riley has been sleeping in a semi-standing position lately. I have found him like this several times, sound asleep. Does anyone else have a toddler who sleeps like this? I think that maybe he fell out of bed, and fell back to sleep in the middle of climbing back in! He looked so cute that I had to take a picture!

We went to the Carnegie Science Center recently and everyone had a great time! Ross LOVED the laser light and music show! He sat and watched the lasers and sang for nearly 45 minutes! Riley was actually bored during the show, but he was happy to cuddle with me and get a back rub. Both boys enjoyed the model train room and I got this adorable picture of them walking through it with my brother, Uncle Seth.

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