Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Video Clips

For the past few days, both of the boys have been singing "Happy Birthday". We haven't celebrated any birthdays lately, but they are both really into the song these days. Tonight, at dinner, Ross belted out his own version, and then did a little improv at the end, which I managed to capture on video. He doesn't say all of the words, (he skips "happy birth-") but he is clearly saying 'day to you".

Riley has learned the names of many dinosaurs, thanks to Katie! I love how he sounds when he says "stegosaurus," "triceratops," and "pterodactyl"! I took this video tonight of him naming most of the dinosaurs in one of his books.


Cindy Glew said...

Love those videos! It's fun to watch them in action! Sooo sweet! Can't believe how big they are now. ;)

Anonymous said...

oh just so cute!!!!

Jen said...

I could just listen to Riley say "baby stegosaurus" all day! So cute! :o)