Sunday, March 22, 2009

Exhausted but adorable

I just had to post a couple quick pics from this weekend. The first one is the boys in their "bunny glasses" that my Mom gave them yesterday. They both love wearing them and looking at themselves in the mirror.

The transition to the big boy beds has gone well for night time, although it does take Ross quite a while to settle down and actually stay in bed. Naps during the day, though, haven't gone well at all! Neither of them have napped at all this weekend and they were both completely exhausted by late afternoon today. This picture was taken right after their bath tonight. They both climbed onto the couch, Riley put his arm around Ross, and Ross reached up and held Riley's hand. They look like they are about to fall asleep right there!

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Caba said...

That picture of them hanging on the couch is so cute, I can barely take it!