Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mommy is learning what???

To knit! I now...most of you think I am totally nuts, but I am learning to knit and I really love it. I finished a scarf with a new pattern last night, and thought I would have the two cutest models I know show it off for me!

I think the pacifier/scarf combo is especially cute on Ross!

Riley's face says it all...."Why did my mother put this thing on me?"

Some more random pics from our photo shoot.....


Jen said...

Cute! And congratulations on your scarf! I'm working on a scarf may be done before next winter...but I wouldn't hold my breath. Tell Riley to do some situps for me...haha. --Biddy

Anonymous said...

I knit! We should bring our knitting gear to the next inservice & start a knitting club. LOL Great fashion shoot with the 2 cutest super models! Have a great day.
-Cindy :)