Thursday, March 27, 2008

Does anyone know Oprah?

This weekend, we got some sad news. The Center for Creative Play, which is one of our favorite places to take the boys to play is closing. The Center is a large, indoor playspace which is designed to allow all kids (typical kids and kids with special needs) to play with a huge variety of toys. They have tons of gross motor activities, art, music, and sensory rooms, ride on toys, tables with train tracks and cars, tunnels to crawl through, and so many other fun toys. For my boys, the best part about the Center was the huge open space that was safe for them to crawl and walk around in. We aren't really sure why the Center is closing, because the news didn't have too much info, but it is really a shame. It isn't clear if it is a financial problem or something else. However, if any of you know Oprah, please ask her to help!! We spend an afternoon there at least twice a month, if not more often, and we will miss it terribly.

Here are some recent pics of the boys at the Center:

The boys enjoying the bubble machine.

The bubble machine is always a hit!

Ross swimming in shredded paper.

Ross loves this wall!

Riley and his wheels!

Riley appears to be tasting the paper....

Ross loves the bubbles!

Riley trying to catch a bubble


Michele said...

I LOVE the shredded paper pictures. So cute. I wish I knew Oprah!

twinmama said...

Oh, no...what a bummer! It looks like such a great place. Hopefully you can find something else like it soon.

Little Miss Cranky said...

I'll be sending telepathic messages to Oprah. Hopefully she responds OR somebody does. That facility looks absolutely awesome. It will be a real shame if it closes.