Saturday, May 5, 2007


I hope you are all having a great weekend! They boys and I had some fun this afternoon and I took a few cute pics, so please take a look. Ross' tooth has now become two teeth, which are just barely visible, but they're there! So far, Riley is still toothless. For the past couple of weeks, Ross has been taking away every toy that Riley tries to play with. Even if he has the exact same toy, he will put down what he has and take whatever Riley has. Then, once he has what Riley had, he will put that in his "pile" and take the next thing that Riley picks up. It's not very nice of him at all! Usually, Riley is very laid back and lets Ross take all of the toys, but sometimes he does get angry and take something back. (I cheer him on when he does that!) I got a couple of pictures of Ross taking a toy and then of him with his pile. As you'll see, Riley finally found one "toy" that Ross can't take from him!