Saturday, April 21, 2007

Music to my ears

Hi, again! I don't usually post again so quickly, but I have some more cute pictures and one adorable video! I have been trying so hard to get the boys to learn to take a bath in the "big boy" tub, but since they are still learning to sit up on their own, it's been tough to find something that worked for them. They are way too big for the infant tub, but I have been folding them up and squishing them in there anyway! Today, though, we got an inflatable duck tub and the boys loved it! The duck's beak quacks which made them both laugh. I let them play in it in the living room for a while to get used to it before putting it in the bathtub. When we did get in the tub, Ross was thrilled immediately, and Riley took a couple of minutes to get used to it and then he loved it, too. I got some cute bath pics, so check them out. The video is pretty short, and very cute. Ross learned how to make a new sound today, and even though he doesn't know what it means, it's my favorite sound in the world. He is saying "mama" over and over again! I am positive that he doesn't know what it means, because he said it to the orange star on his birdbath toy, to Riley, and to a washcloth in the bathtub. He also said it up and down all the aisles at Target this afternoon. But, it still made me tear up and get all emotional! Here's the link if you want to check it out:
Thanks again for checking in with us!

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