Sunday, April 15, 2007

Flying baby food

Hi, everyone! I just wanted to post a quick update to let you all know that the boys are doing great! Unfortunately, my digital camera is broken, so I can't post any new pics. You'll just have to trust me that they are still totally adorable! Riley faked me out last weekend when he started to cut his first tooth, but so far, it hasn't really come through his gum. He was pretty miserable for a couple of days with typically teething stuff, but thankfully, he is not uncomfortable anymore. No tooth, but no more cranky Riley! He's back to his usually smiling, gorgeous self! He has also developed the cutest new skill....he loves to grab my cheeks, pull my face toward his, and give me "kisses". With his mouth wide open, he basically drools all over my face and then laughs. I looooove it! Ross is also doing very well! He has been conducting experiments to see which baby foods he can spit the farthest. So far, he has managed to get apricots all over my glasses, and squash all over the wall behind his high chair. That one took some maneuvering, but he was determined. He is also sitting up unsupported for close to 5 minutes at a time, which is so wonderful!

As some of you already know, Ross has torticollis and plagiocephaly. Torticollis basically means that one of the muscles in his neck is shorter and tighter than it should be, which causes his head to tilt to one side. He has been getting PT for a few months now and is slowly stretching that muscle and straightening out. As a result of the torticollis, he has been a little slower to roll over, sit up, etc., which has meant that he has spent more time laying on his back. The tilt in his neck, and the extra time laying on his back, have created a fairly significant flat and slanted shape to his head, which is called plagiocephaly. So, he is going to be wearing a Starband, or helmet, for several months to help his head grow into a more round shape. He started wearing the helmet this week and after a rough first few days, seems to be adjusting well. I just wanted to let you know so that when you see his pics, you'll know what he is wearing. We all went out to brunch today to celebrate Aunt Lys' birthday and all three babies were wonderful! Reid and Ross had a little talk but I guess their conversation was private, because none of us know what they said! Friday will be the boys' 9 month check-up. I cannot believe that they are that old already! Thanks for checking in with us!

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