Sunday, December 10, 2006

Another good weekend

Hi, everyone! We had a good weekend, although we did have to make a quick trip to the doctor's Saturday morning because both boys woke up with a cough and a little bit of a rash. But, the doctor said that their lungs sounded great and it was nothing to worry about! They are doing better today and we were able to go out to lunch with our wonderful friend, Carol, who was Riley's nurse in the NICU. We had a fabulous time visiting with her! The boys got weighed at the doctor's, of course, and Ross is now up to 14lbs 1oz and Riley is at 15lbs 1oz. They are really getting big! Check out the new pics I posted. I was playing around with the "sepia" option on my camera and I got some really cute shots of Ross laughing. Riley was in a more pensive mood and I didn't really get too many of him. I'll make sure to catch him next time!

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