Sunday, October 3, 2010

Being cute

Ross wearing monster jammies and frog boots.....a perfect combo!

Riley in his robot jammies, and in deep concentration.....watching a kid's documentary on how tractors work.  This is serious business.

Just wanted to check in and let you know that the boys are doing great at their new school!  They have settled into their new routine well, and are doing beautifully!

No major news, but a few people have emailed and asked for pictures, so I took these this weekend.  They certainly aren't the greatest photos....but that's what we are up right now!

Thanks for checking in with us!

1 comment:

Laraf123 said...

The froggy boots made me laugh! Aren't boys fun? (When they are not making a mess or destroying each other's toys...) I love taking pictures of my boys in their jammies!