Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lots of words!

I know that it has been nearly a month since I've posted and I apologize for that! The boys have been busy playing and learning and just generally doing beautifully! We did have a rough couple of weeks when they were both sick (croup!) but, thankfully, that is over now.

Riley is talking up a storm these days! He is combining 5 and 6 words all the time, and his vocabulary astounds me. Most recently, he has been talking about how much he misses me when I am at work and how he feels "so happy" when I come home. You know I love to hear that!! He describes and narrates everything he sees, and is full of curious questions about the world around him. It's so much fun to see his mind at work. He comes up with something hysterical every day and I love waiting to hear his latest revelations when I come home from work.

Ross' language, though, has truly been the greatest miracle lately! He is repeating a TON of words, and his spontaneous language has really taken off over the past couple of weeks! He is saying "all done" when he is finished eating or finished playing with a toy, without having to be prompted. He is saying the noises that various animals make, and the names of all of the letters and the numbers up to 10. He also says banana, but it sounds like "manana" which is just adorable! He says "up" when he wants to be picked up, and he says "hi" and "bye" like a champ! He has said lots of other words here and there, and it seems like each day he adds another word that he is suddenly able to say.

Ross recently had a check-up with the developmental pediatrician who diagnosed him PDD. A the time of his diagnosis, 6 months ago, she felt that his language skills were at the level of a 9 month old baby. Now, only six months later, she feels that his skills are at the level of a 15 month old. That's terrific progress! Of course, Ross is actually 31 months old, so we still have quite a way to go, but it's so encouraging to see him make such great strides!

I know that many of you really only check in because you want to see pictures or videos and I hate to disappoint you....but I just haven't taken many lately! I am so sorry! I will try to take some this weekend and post them soon.


Melanie said...

So glad to see you back!! Glad to hear everyone is progressing well too!

Annie said...

I'm glad that they are progressing very well.

Cindy G. said...

Hi Melissa,

How sweet that Riley tells you he misses you when you are at work... soooo sweet!!! I'm also so very happy to hear of Ross making such great progress!!! That is fantastic news!!! He's going to go a long way for sure! I just know it!!! Have a great weekend.

Love, Cindy :)