Sunday, December 28, 2008

I hope you are all having a great holiday season! The boys and I are having a wonderful vacation and thoroughly enjoying all of our time together. As Riley would say, we are having lots of "Mommy Days"!

Ross is a pretty particular kid when it comes to his food. He definitely prefers certain textures and tastes and, until recently, he has not enjoyed dipping his food into anything. This weekend, though, he discovered that he likes ketchup on his french fries and chicken nuggets! He actually liked the ketchup so much that at one point he was dipping the paper wrapper from a straw into the ketchup and eating it by it itself!

So, since he is now such a master "dipper", I decided to try to have him dip his pancakes into a little bit of syrup at breakfast this morning. I have offered it to him in the past, but he has always been upset by it. Today, his reaction was so funny I had to capture it on video:

In other big news......Riley pooped on the potty this morning! He has been showing some very early signs of being ready to start potty training, so one of the boys' Hanukkah presents this year was a Lightning McQueen potty seat (Red Car Potty Seat!!). They got it last night and I thought we would just play with it and get used to it for a little while, but apparently Riley was ready to use it right away! This morning, he said, "Mommy poop" which he always says when he needs to have his diaper changed and I said, "Ok, sweetie, let's go change your diaper!" He said, "No! Red Car Potty!" and ran and started banging on the bathroom door. So, we went in, he sat down, and he pooped within two seconds! I am so proud of my big boy!! We've been doing the happy dance all morning!

That's whats new with us.....syrup love and a big boy potty! What's new with you? Leave us a comment and let us know how you're doing! Thanks for checking in with us!


Cindy Glew said...

OMG! You just crack me up!!! So glad you're all enjoying your break. Love the video. The boys always look so happy. :)
Love, Cindy

Melanie said...

The video was too cute! Certainly loves the syrup doesn't he?!?!

WOW to the big boy potty that is awesome!! Great start.
Wish I could get motivated enough to keep our potty training going, but unfortunately its not Daniel's fault its mine! I lack the drive to get it done!

Deb said...

YAY to potty training and mmmm syrup!

Happy New Year!

Billie said...

I LOVE the syrup video! Look at that thumb go:) And congrats on the potty. We're still working on it around here...

Paula said...

Maple syrup - THAT's what it's all about! Congrats on the potty training..that's fantastic!!