Sunday, August 17, 2008

What we've been up to...

The boys and I have been out and about and very busy lately. Our family was out of town last week, and even though we missed them terribly, we managed to keep busy every day. Some of you may remember what an awful week we had last year when our family was out of town. Well, thankfully this year, our week was free from illness and major power outages! I am actually pretty proud of myself for thinking up fun things for us to do each day, that were safely manageable with a ratio of one (semi-sane) mommy to two two-year olds. Talk about out numbered!! We were also lucky enough to meet up with some friends for lunches and other fun outings.

The boys and I visited the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the Carnegie Museum of Art. The boys were more interested than I thought they would be and we had a great afternoon wandering around. Of course, they were especially interested in the dinosaurs and the lifesized replicas of all of the animals.

We went to Giggle and Smiles, one of our favorite places to play, with our friend Kelly. The boys had a blast and Kelly and I managed to chat for little bit in between chasing the boys around. We went out to lunch with our friend Jen, and we roamed the aisles at Target. We went to the play area at Chick-Fil-A, which is enclosed and safe, twice! We even managed to go to a playground, which is quite a feat to accomplish without another grown-up to help out! I found one that was surrounded by enough grass in all directions so that I had enough time to catch each boy before they reached a street. It was exhausting, but fun!

This afternoon, we had an impromptu photo and video shoot, just for fun. Riley is wearing a straw hat that Katie (their nanny) bought them, as well as a bunch of bead necklaces. We started using the bead necklaces as part of their therapies, for PT and OT for both boys. Now, though, they both love them and often walk around the house wearing them. Please ignore the enormous chocolate stain from lunch on Ross' shorts.....the outfits were too darn cute and I didn't want to change him into something else just to play at home. Enjoy the pic and a couple very short videos!

What do you think they're plotting?

Yes, they do tackle each other constantly. Do all twins do that? Anyway, I love the end of this video.

Riley answers "yeah" to most questions these days.

So, that's what we've been up to! Unfortunately, we are now in the final countdown until I go back to work on Thursday. I plan to see how much fun I can pack into the next few days to make the most of the end of summer!

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Coach B. said...

Good Mommy! I can hardly take my daughter to fun things once a week...let alone daily. Very impressive.

Cute kids :)