Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday!

The Twincredible Twosome had a fantastic 2nd birthday! I can't believe they are two already! We actually partied and celebrated for three days straight! On Saturday, they had a party at the Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library, which was a blast! We played, had cupcakes, and spent time with our friends and family. Here are some pics of the boys and our friends and family:

Ross in the book corner.

Reid on the slide.

Our friend Jack.

Our friends Gracie and Maggie in the castle.

Ross and my mom.

Our friend Lainey in the red cone. She came up with lots of creative uses for that toy!

Our friend Angela on the trampoline.

Riley on the trampoline.

Uncle Seth pushing Riley in the car.

Our friends Denny and Cade creating works of art.

Katie and Riley

The boys looking at each other while we all sang "Happy Birthday".

Everyone enjoying cupcakes

Riley in his favorite car.

Ross with the toy shopping cart.

Our friend Jack pushing Riley on yet another car.

Ross inspecting the rocking horse.

Then, on Sunday, we spent the day with our family and went out to lunch and played in the fountains on the South Side again. We finished up the day with cake and ice cream at our house with our family. When we were growing up, my sister, brother and I always had a party with our friends and then another party with family at home, so we are just carrying on a family tradition! One of our close friends made a very special personalized Elmo cake for each of the boys. They were adorable and the boys loved them!

Finally, on Monday, which was their actual birthday, we spent the day at the Children's Museum with my mom, sister and Reid. All three of the boys had a fabulous time, especially in the water room on the 3rd floor. Ross and Riley had never been up to that room before, and they had a blast.

It was a fantastic birthday. I am still in complete and utter amazement that my little miracles are two already. I cannot thank my family enough for helping me to make the boys' special weekend as perfect as it was. My sons are so lucky to have the best Grandma, Aunt, Cousin, and two Uncles in the world! Thank you guys for everything! We love you!


Adam & Andrew said...

Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Gibson Twins said...

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday!!
I found your blog on FourSillySisters

Congrats on winning the stroller!

Pitt Childrens Museum is awesome, I love that place so much. I haven't taken my twins there yet but hope to soon. (I am from PA- about 70miles north of Pitt and now live in NE Ohio). Also can't wait to get them to the zoo since it is way better than CLE zoo.

Looks like you guys had a wonderful birthday, hope 2's as fun as 1!

23wktwinsmommy said...

What a wonderful birthday! They must have had a blast. They are so precious and deserved the very special birthday weekend they got from their amazing family!