Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Our First Halloween

The boys had a great first Halloween! Ross was Piglet, which was his nickname in the NICU because of how much he loved to eat! Riley was Eeyore, because I thought the costume was adorable! We went to a Moms and Babies movie in the morning with Aunt Lyssie and Cousin Reid and Grandma and then we went visit my classroom at Pittsburgh Classical Academy. All of my friends, and my students, got a kick out seeing the boys and their costumes. Some other great news: Both boys are now smiling and laughing, which is the most beautiful sound in the world! Ross' latest weight is 11lbs 2oz and Riley's latest weight is 12lbs 9oz. Both boys are learning to reach for toys and can hold small objects for a little while. They are making lots of noises now and seem to love to hear themselves! It's so much fun to listen to them experiment with their voices. Don't forget to check out the pictures!! Thanks! -Melissa

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