Sunday, January 14, 2007


Hi, everybody! The boys and I are having a wonderful weekend! Yesterday, we went shopping with Grandma, Aunt Lys, and Reid and today we went out to lunch and to Target with Uncle Seth, Grandma, Aunt Lys, Uncle Marc, and Reid! The boys ate solid food out at a restaurant for the first time and they both did very well! They are doing so well with eating solids and are now able to eat a wide variety of foods. Luckily, their wonderful cousin, Reid, has already taste-tested most of the baby food out there and can give us suggestions on what the most delicious foods are! Tonight, the boys had macaroni and cheese for dinner and Hawaiian Delight for dessert. Reid was right! Both of my kiddos were thrilled! The Hawaiian Delight actually made Riley dance in his seat! Both boys are making more and more sounds and becoming more interested in reaching out and holding onto things. Riley has figured out how to make one of the toys on his bouncy seat play music and he pulls it constantly now! Ross figured it out and did it once, but he prefers to squeal and sing to make his own music. I posted a few new pics, but I haven't gotten any good ones of the boys together recently. I'll aim for that tomorrow! Thanks for checking in with us!

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