Sunday, October 8, 2006

Pumpkin Patch

Hi, everyone! The boys are doing beautifully! We had a wonderful day today! We went to Trax Farms with Grandma, Uncle Seth, Aunt Lyssie, Uncle Marc and Cousin Reid. At the farm, there was a huge pile of pumpkins for kids to climb on, but the boys are just a tiny bit too young for climbing, so we took a cute photo of them on my lap on the pumpkins. As you can see, they were both a little sleepy when we took the picture, but I am sure they were having as much fun as we were! Ross was wide awake for most of the day and seemed to enjoy looking around and being outside. Riley decided that it was the perfect time for a nap! As for other exciting news: Both boys are now smiling occasionally which is so gorgeous! Ross is now picking his head up a little more during tummy time and Riley is holding his up for longer and longer. This morning, Riley reached out and batted at a rattle hanging on his bouncy seat! He did it about 6 times in a row, so I am certain that he was doing it on purpose! Also, both kiddos are seeing more and more at farther distances and it is so fun to watch them focus on something and be interested for a few minutes. Thanks for checking in!

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